Personal Safety

You can be safer!

Not only can you be safer, at the completion of this brief training seminar you will be able to share with family members, friends and co-workers several easy-to-remember tips which, if followed, can dramatically reduce the likelihood of being the victim of a personal crime.

The approach of this seminar is positive, up-beat and empowering, not negative and fear-laden, making it an effective vehicle for organizations to empower their internal community through an in-house presentation or to enhance public relations by sponsoring a presentation for others. This is an entertaining and informative presentation at which those in attendance can sit back, listen and learn...with a brief period set aside to address specific questions at the end.

John Villines is the author of the Personal Safety Training Curriculum, a chapter in the book used by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners to train crime prevention trainers throughout the world.

About the presenter...

John Villines is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the American Society of Criminology, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners. He has earned Board Certification as a Certified Protection Professional and is designated an International Crime Prevention Specialist. A published author in the field of personal safety and security, he has trained thousands of individuals in personal safety, and has conducted seminars throughout the United States for various law enforcement groups, community organizations, educational groups and corporate staffs. A trainer for the trainers, he has provided advanced and specialized training for police department instructors, SWAT team leaders, corporate trainers and others, and he has provided personalized close-protection services for Sir Richard Attenborough, Tom Cruise, Ben Kingsley and others. In this seminar, he synthesizes his knowledge of personal safety planning with proven crime prevention techniques to develop a basic foundation in how we can each be empowered to prevent victimization and enhance our level of personal safety awareness.


The purpose of this seminar is to provide an introduction to strategies and tactics which will enhance each attendee's individual level of personal safety. This is accomplished by presenting potential scenarios in an interesting and entertaining format, and helping those in attendance to develop divergent thinking related to personal safety issues. For years there have been "template" solutions offered by well-meaning "experts" ("put a large dog food bowl and "beware of dog" sign on your patio to discourage burglary" or "hold your car keys in a certain manner while walking," etc.) The problem: burglars, car-jackers and other criminals read and listen too, then they make their plans accordingly. We must be a bit more creative in our approach to staying safe, and it doesn't involve weapons. It requires creative thinking and planning. Just like exercising our body for physical fitness, there are techniques and activities we can practice on a daily basis, whether alone or with our friends and family, which will greatly enhance our level of personal safety in the home, in the office, in our vehicle and in "zones of transition."

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