Expert Testimony

A retained expert is never an advocate for either Plaintiff or Defendant. Our analysis must be objective and our opinions must be developed using sound methodologies, not based solely upon years of experience or education, regardless of how extensive that experience and education may be.

Helping Clients With:

Some of the issues we are retained to assess:
  • negligent security (patrol, use of force, arrest, access control, key control, crime prevention, CPTED, investigative procedures, etc.)
  • inadequate policies/procedures (police, security, other personnel)
  • inappropriate police tactics (use of force, interviews/interrogation, investigative procedures, crime scenes, etc.)
  • negligent training, hiring or supervision (police, security, other personnel)
  • Many times, the above issues will have been allegedly related to a violent criminal event, while others may be alleged to have precipitated some other form of damage (defamation, for example).

How We Work

Our approach to expert testimony is systematic, methodical, and consistent, and it relies on the same methodology whether we are retained in a criminal or civil case, and whether we are retained by Plaintiff's/Prosecution or Defense. We rely on specialized expertise, trainining and knowledge that is specifc to the domains where we testify, which is built on published, peer-reviewed standards, guidelines, and research, and which is typically outside the knowledge and experience of a layperson.        

Typically our approach relies on the following steps:

  • Examination of relevant file documents, and perhaps suggesting other materials to be discovered
  • Examination of relevant laws, regulations, standards, guidelines, peer reviewed research, treatises and other published authority
  • Determining, based upon the evidence, whether appropriate steps were taken to comply with the above relevant sources
  • Developing opinions, based upon the foregoing
  • Reporting opinions (verbally, Affidavit, Rule 26 Report, etc.)

John Villines, Expert Witness

Court qualified as an expert witness for nearly three decades, Mr. Villines has provided consultations and/or expert testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in various state and federal courts. The decision of whether testimony will be offered on behalf of a particular client is based solely upon his professional assessment of the evidence in the case, without regard for whether the represented party is plaintiff or defendant.

Among the venues in which Mr. Villines and others in the firm have provided expert witness services: parking areas; bars and nightclubs; restaurants; shopping centers; hotels/motels; residential properties; office buildings; special events; retail department stores; healthcare; industrial sites; and convenience stores.

*Quantitative analysis can be a critically important tool in identifying risks, either proactively or after-the-fact. We have developed quantitative analysis tools, which use widely accepted analysis methodologies to compute and graphically present data relevant to identifying risks. For more information about how we present such quantitative data, click here.

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