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Risk Analysis

We offer our consulting expertise to apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, hotels/motels, industrial sites...any property where assets exist offer the potential for loss. "Loss" can take many forms:

  • decreased foot traffic in a business area where people no longer feel safe
  • actual dollar loss due to terrorism, vandalism, arson, or other damage to property
  • theft of physical property
  • theft of proprietary information through compromised phone lines or inadequately protected data
  • the loss of a company's assets and positive image when it becomes entangled in a lawsuit

Loss Prevention Services

Our clients rely upon us to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities and to suggest methods by which those can be reduced or eliminated. We offer a wide range of consulting services to address these needs, including Security Vulnerability Assessments and Forensic Analyses.

Our services go beyond Crime Prevention, defined as "The anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to reduce or remove that risk." [National Crime Prevention Institute (NCPI)]
Adapting the above definition slightly, we have a more comprehensive definition, encompassing the prevention of crime and other forms of loss:

Loss Prevention is "the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a potential loss and the initiation of some action to reduce or eliminate that potential loss."

A Comprehensive Approach

Our goal is to identify the ways in which potential losses may occur. We then suggest evidence-based, sound strategies and tactics to reduce or eliminate those potential losses. Yesterday's solutions don't necessarily address tomorrow's threats and vulnerabilities. Therefore, we offer a wide range of consulting services consistent with contemporary and emerging industry best practices, guidelines and standards.

We are sometimes asked to focus our consulting services on a particular problem, such as burglary, accidents or other singular issues. While we are certainly capable of providing a narrow-focused analysis, our experience tells us that a more comprehensive approach is often warranted. This is one of the more important and distinguishing characteristics of the services we offer.

Objective Analysis

We are not vendors of any product, and we maintain no referral affiliation with any service or technology providers. As such, we remain objective in our analysis and in our recommendations. With more than three decades of experience, education and training, our board-certified personnel offer appropriate contextual solutions individualized to each client's needs. The problems we address are rarely "cookie cutter" - we believe that solutions must be innovative and effective, without bias toward any particular industry or vendor.

Our Analytic Tools

Quantitative analysis can be a critically important tool in identifying risks, either proactively or after-the-fact. We have developed quantitative analysis tools, which use widely accepted analysis methodologies to compute and graphically present data relevant to identifying risks. For more information about how we present such quantitative data, click here.

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Since 1979 we have provided our expertise to hundreds of organizations including government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, private property owners and attorneys.

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